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Tennis Betting Tips: Bet like the Pros

Tennis is one of the most popular sports on the planet, which is why out betting experts focus heavily on preparing betting tips for this sport. Our tennis betting tips are here to help you become better at betting Tennis and we can guarantee that following this section will improve your tennis betting winnings.

Current Tennis Betting Tips

Our team of betting tipsters are working diligently to always prepare the latest and best betting predictions for you. Check out the table below to find a list of our latest tennis betting tips, read our extensive analysis of upcoming tennis matches and become a tennis betting expert yourself.

Roger Federer vs Alexander Zverev – 14.11.2017 – Betting Tip

Both men got off to a victorious kick-off to the season-ending event by beating the likes of Jack Sock and Marin Cilic in Sunday’s affairs. Whilst the Swiss superstar clinched the landmark 50th win of the season, the German managed his first ever victory in his debut appearance in front of the London crowd at […]

If you are looking to bet on tennis matches, using our tennis betting tips will definitely help you make better bets and become better at betting tennis. Learn all the intricacies of upcoming tennis matches, learn why and how you should bet and copy our tips to make money yourself. You can find all the latest tips for the matches coming up in the table above.

How We Create Our Tips

Our tipsters work around the clock creating betting tips for all types of sporting events. From English Premier League betting tips to CS: GO betting tips, our pundits are all over the place looking for best value bets around. Tennis, however, is one of their favorite sports and fields of study.

Tennis is a complex game with many different aspects and elements. Our team of tennis experts always do their best to examine every match in detail and bring you all the juicy info that can be used to make smart and profitable tennis bets.

Tennis Betting Tips

Our tennis betting experts know each player’s strengths and weaknesses

In creating our tips, we go into every match analyzing both players, the tournament in question and every other relevant aspect from the scratch. Some of the things we include in our analysis of tennis matches and bets include:

  • Head to Head Results
  • Recent Performances
  • Impact of the Surface
  • Possible Injuries
  • Mental State of Players
  • Player News and Gossip

All of these elements, and many others, come into play when designing our betting tips. We take every match very seriously and analyze all the things that could influence the final outcome. Starting from general quality and form, through head to head results, and all the way to the more intricate elements like potential mental problems the players are experiencing in their performances, we leave no stone unturned.

The important thing to note is that we do not look to place a tip on every match and we will never tip any bet without being 100% sure that there is value to be had by making the bet. We will only suggest you bet on anything when we think the odds offered by the bookies are profitable to bet on.

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What to Look for in Tennis Bets

Tennis is a complex sport with many intricacies, so finding good tennis value bets can be a challenge. The only way to make good tennis bets is by having a good understanding of the sports and individual players who are playing the match, which is why we only employ great experts in the sport to be a part of our tipping team.

As we already mentioned, our team goes deep into analysis of every single match, taking into account every element of the match in question. Some of the things we take note of and that you should always look into before you place any tennis bet include:

  1. Individual Quality
  2. Head to Head Statistics
  3. Recent Encounters
  4. Recent Overall Results
  5. Player Tendencies
  6. Tournament Quality
  7. Tournament Surface
  8. Recent Injuries
  9. Player Schedule

All of these elements play a role in how a match ends up and what you can expect from it. Based on extensive analysis of these elements, we can make predictions on the final result, number of games and sets and many other things. If we find value in the odds offered at some of the best sports betting sites, we will tip it off for you.

Ladbrokes tennis betting odds

Find great tennis value bets at Ladbrokes

In finding good tennis bets, we stop at nothing and leave no stone unturned. While not every match is worth making a bet, we do our best to find good bets to make in most matches at the major ATP tournaments and important matches. Remember that we will never make a tip that is not worth betting so be sure that every time we make a tip, it will be worth your time and money to make a bet on it.

Make the Most or Our Tennis Betting Tips

We can promise that our tennis betting predictions are among the best in the industry. However, just having the tips is not enough, as you need to know how to use them and make the best of them. Here are our suggestions on how you can make the best of our tennis betting tips and previews:

  1. Copy Our Tips: The simplest way to make use of our betting tips is to copy them yourself. Make bets at some of the betting sites in Nigeria inspired by our betting tips and get your bankroll going.
  2. Learn the Sport: You can learn a lot about tennis as a sport and tennis betting by reading our tennis betting previews on a regular basis. Our tennis experts will give you great previews of the competing players and help you learn all there is to know about the white sport.
  3. Improve your Betting Skills: Betting is all about finding value in the bets you are making. Reading our betting tips will help you better understand where value lies in tennis and how to make better tennis bets. Stay dedicated to our tennis betting predictions, and you will surely become a better punter yourself.

Conclusion: We Serve the Best Bets Around

Tennis is among the most popular sports in the betting community. Our team of betting tipsters make sure to always keep you well fed with the latest and most profitable tennis betting tips on a regular basis, with every tournament and every major match covered. Start following our tennis tips today and become a world class tennis bettor in no time. Also check out our soccer betting tips, cricket betting tips and baseball betting tips to improve your skills in betting other competitive sports.

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