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English Premier League Betting Tips: Bet on UK’s Top Flight

English Premier League is the world’s number one soccer competition, which is all betting sites in Nigeria have the EPL games listed on the front page of their offer. Our betting experts give EPL lots of attention too, and this is why our English Premier League betting tips section is always up to date.

Current English Premier League Tips

If you are looking for soccer betting tips for the upcoming English Premier League games, look no further. The table below contains all the latest tips and predictions for the EPL games that are currently on the schedule, so have a look for yourself and copy our tips as you see fit.

Burnley v Leicester – 14.04.2018 – Betting Tip

The Premier League is entering its final stages with only 6 rounds to go and two teams that have been steadily following the big six of English football throughout the season will be meeting at Burnley’s Turf Moor. The Clarets have been on an absolute rampage lately with four consecutive wins, the last three being […]

Everton v Manchester City – 31.03.2017 – Betting Tip

We are entering the final part of the season in the Premiership and Manchester City have all but won the title with a 16 points advantage only 8 games before the end. In fact, if they keep it up, they may very well win the title just a few weeks from now, but the next […]

The English Premier League betting predictions you can find here are some of the best in the industry. Our team of experts works diligently, watching every game of EPL and coming up with top notch value bets week in and week out. Find out what games carry value and how you can make the most of betting on every single EPL match. For even more betting tips, check out our baseball betting tips and cricket betting tips and find even more excellent value bets.

EPL Team Analysis

English Premier League is a highly competitive soccer league with many teams that can threaten the title and many others who can beat even the best of them. This is why there are many great betting opportunities in EPL and why betting on underdogs at a great price can be very profitable.

English Premier League betting tips

Bet on football superstars in England’s top football league

If you look at any season of EPL, you will notice that even the teams that end at the bottom of the table usually snatch plenty of points even from the great five. This is why we look into every upcoming match trying to anticipate surprises and unexpected results and bet on those that carry value and profit.

To find such bets, we must analyze each team every single week, and since our experts know the teams so well, it is fairly easy for them to know what they are looking for. In our team analysis, we look into different aspects of the teams playing, such as:

  • Recent Form
  • Head to Head Statistics
  • Roster Changes
  • Home and Away Results
  • Injuries and Absences
  • Red Cards etc.

In order to best predict the events of the upcoming games, we must look to the past and realize how certain teams play, where their advantages and weaknesses lie and how they might line up against certain opponents, both home and away. Our expert team takes all these team specifics into consideration when making the tips, which is how we are able to come up with great predictions for each EPL game.

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What We Look for in EPL Bets

As we already said, EPL is a very complex competition, which is why there are so many great betting opportunities, but also many traps that sports bettors need to avoid. Betting on favorites to win in the EPL simply won’t cut it, as so many points are lost even by the strongest sides, which is why we must look for better opportunities, often in other markets.

In order to find good bets, we look at a number of deciding factors which can all determine the value of a bet. These include:

  • Average goals per match of each team
  • Cards, shots, passes and corners stats
  • Individual player performances
  • Notable absences
  • Referee

All of these elements influence which way a game will go and what bets are worth making. For instance, we may find value in betting on the number of goals in a match where both sides will be likely to play a very open style of play or one where one is likely to park the bus. In such occasions betting the over/under market can prove extremely profitable as bookies don’t always reflect this in the best way in their betting odds.

William Hill English Premier League Betting

Get the best English Premier League odds at William Hill and other UK bookies

Our deep analysis of every match can result in great bets being discovered. When we find good value in a certain bet, we make sure to present it to your through our betting tips, which are always followed by extensive analysis which contains our reasoning for making the tip and the entire thought process explained.

Use Our Betting Tips to the Maximum

Our English Premier League betting tips contain lots of useful information that anyone who loves sports betting will be happy to have. We suggest you make the best of them by not simply copying them but also using them in other ways. Here are the best suggestions on how you can make the best out of our English Premier League betting tips:

  1. Make Money Directly: Our betting tips carry lots of value, and we can promise you that if you simply bet according to our English Premier League betting tips, you will be more likely to make money than you would be by making bets on your own.
  2. Learn How to Bet on EPL: Reading our EPL betting predictions will without a doubt help you understand the league better and make better EPL bets on your own, without any help from us. Make sure you always read our reasons for making a bet if you are going to make it, so as to better understand why we are betting on that particular selection.
  3. Make Other Bets: Our betting predictions try to give you a good idea of how a match may play down. You can use this information to look for other bets at even better prices and make even more money by betting with the help of our analysis.
  4. Tell Your Friends: If you like our bets and tips, why not share them with your friends. After all, if you can make some money from them, so can they, and our tips are completely free for anyone to use. Bring your friends over and help them become better punters as well.

Conclusion: Become an EPL Expert

Our English Premier League betting predictions are here to help make you a better sports bettor. If you are looking for some help making better bets in the English Premiership, our tips are bound to help you out, completely free of charge. Join our growing community of betting enthusiasts and earn your share of the profits with no investments needed. Follow the best soccer league in the world and start earning steadily with the world’s best betting tips and predictions from a dedicated team of professional bettors.

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