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CS:GO Betting Tips: Bet on the Most Popular eSports

Sports betting is an ever evolving industry and one of the latest trends in it has been eSports betting. While betting on professional gaming events is still in its early stages, our betting experts have decided to get an early start and start creating some CS: GO betting tips while the industry is still young and there is plenty of value to be had.

Current CS: GO Betting Tips

If you are a fan of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you have surely been tempted to make some bets on it as well. However, it can be difficult to decide what to bet on, which is where our betting experts come in. The list below contains all the latest CS: GO tips available:

While we are relatively new to creating CS: GO tips, our team has been creating sports betting tips for many years, and we know exactly where to look for value in sports betting. In cooperation with CS: GO experts, we are able to analyse the upcoming CS: GO tournaments and matches and find value bets at some of the best sports betting sites in the industry.

Knowledge is Power: CS: GO Analysis and Predictions

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular eSports, a new and growing brand of digital sports. eSports have been gaining huge popularity in recent years, with eSports betting markets also emerging, among them the CS: GO betting market.

CS:GO Betting Tips

CS:GO is becoming more of a real sport by the day

Unlike creating soccer betting tips or cricket betting tips, where stats are abundant, our access to stats of CS: GO teams and players is somewhat limited due to the short history of the competition. Still, our process of betting tips creation is relatively similar to the one we use in real sports and competitions such as our English Premier League betting tips.

Every betting tip starts with our professional tipsters looking at a list of upcoming events and picking some interesting matches to dig deeper into. Once a match is chosen, our experts look into a variety of factors that might determine the outcome of the match including:

  • General teams strength
  • Recent transfers and roster changes
  • Recent wins or disappointments
  • Past encounters of the teams
  • Results of the current team rosters
  • Individual player quality

All of these factors play a role in CS: GO matches just as much as they do in other sports, and sometimes more. One important thing to keep an eye on in eSports in general are roster changes, as teams tend to change entire rosters or individual players very often, much more often than in other sports.

Looking at past statistics can be almost pointless if the player roster and coaches have completely changed in the last year. This is why performances of individual players on the teams and the results of the current rosters are a lot more important than past results the team has made.

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Finding Good CS: GO Value Bets

Counter Strike: Global Offensive and other eSports are quite a bit different than other sports in some ways. As we already mentioned, teams change their rosters often, new players are emerging all the time and while they are professionals, CS: GO players are not athletes, meaning that discipline can be a very serious issue.

This is why analysing CS: GO matches and finding good value bets is a bit different than it would be in any classic sport. However, this instability means that bookies have a harder time determining correct odds and as a fan of the game you have a good chance of finding an edge.

Pinnacle Sports CS:GO Betting

Find the best odds and value in CS:GO Betting at Pinnacle Sports

Watching lots of CS: GO matches live as they happen can really give you an idea how particular teams are doing in terms of motivation, individual talent and team play. The bookies, on the other hand, look mostly at statistics, which is why they will often offer odds that are simply not in line with the realistic situation at the time of the match being players.

Our tip is to watch a lot of matches yourself and pay close attention to the small details you see in teams’ play. This will help you determine the probability of one team winning as well as make better site bets on markets like kill numbers and others.

Make Our CS: GO Tips Work for You

So you have come here and had a look at our CS: GO betting tips. Now you are wondering what to do with them and how to make the best out of them? Here are a few suggestions on how you can make our CS: GO tips work for you:

  1. Place Your Bets: Using our betting tips to simply make bets of your own is always a good idea. There is a very good chance of each betting tip we make being a profitable one, so feel free to copy our tips and make some money on them.
  2. Learn the Game: Our CS: GO betting tips come with thorough analysis of the matches in question. This is why you can use our previews to learn more about the game and how to look at it from a sports betting perspective and make better bets.
  3. eSports Betting Bonuses: Some bookmakers out there throw special promotions for eSports bettors. If you don’t normally bet on eSports, allow our experts to help you out with their tips and clear the bonuses despite not being an expert in the game yourself.
  4. Bet for Fun: Even if you are not too serious about sports betting, it can still be very fun. Use our betting tips and place some small bets on the CS: GO matches you intend to watch, see how we do and possibly make some money in the process.
  5. Give us Your Tips: If you are not happy enough with our tips and think you can do better, don’t be shy about sharing your opinions. Send us your tips, tell us your reasons why our tips are wrong and engage with us in every way you think you should, we look forward to hearing from you.

You can now bet on CS: GO with an increasing number of betting sites in Nigeria, so our betting tips are becoming more and more useful. Feel free to use our free betting tips in any way you see fit. If you don’t feel like betting on CS: GO, you can always also check out our baseball betting tips, tennis betting tips and all the other tips we are creating.

Start Betting on CS: GO

CS: GO is a completely new betting market that is gaining in popularity by the day. The game’s growing popularity is creating endless opportunities for players and sports bettors alike to join in the action and profit from their skills and knowledge. If you are interested in joining this new betting market, check out our CS: GO betting tips, learn from them, copy them and bet on CS: GO and other eSports at the world’s premiere bookmakers today.

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