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Cricket Betting Tips: The Ins and Outs of T20 Cricket Betting

Cricket is a sport whose popularity has been growing exponentially since the introduction of the T20 format back in 2003. Likewise, the popularity of cricket betting grew along with the sport and today cricket is one of the most popular sports in the betting schedule of most bookmakers. Our betting experts understand this, and regularly prepare cricket betting predictions for the best upcoming matches.

Current Cricket Betting Tips

Our cricket betting tips are prepared with great care and lots of deep insight into the teams playing, the pitch the match is being played on and many other factors. Below, you will find all the current betting tips for cricket games and you will have an opportunity to pick your own bets from a large selection of cricket betting tips.

Australia vs. England – 23.11.2017 – Betting Tip

The old rivals head into the tie with 32 wins each in the previous 69 meetings in the oldest competition. Two years ago, Australia arrived in England in high spirits looking to retain the Ashes. England offered a strong resistance in the first Test in Cardiff when they stunned the Aussies who immediately bounced back […]

Cricket’s growing popularity means that now, 14 years into the development of the T20 cricket, we understand more about the game than we did just some years ago. Our betting experts saw great potential in cricket betting as it provides many opportunities for savvy punters to defeat the bookmakers, both in pre-game and in-play betting. Out cricket betting predictions come with detailed previews of the games and lots of analysis you can make use of, so don’t be shy about reading each and every one before picking the bets you want to make.

Analyzing T20 Cricket Teams

Cricket is a complex sport and T20 cricket above all other formats includes a lot of different elements that come into play. When creating their betting tips, our experts look at many factors, but the starting point is of course the two teams that will be competing.

When preparing their soccer betting tips, our punters can practically know the roster that will be playing for both teams in almost every game, while preparing the tennis betting tips does not require them to look into any rosters. Cricket is different however, as teams often have large player rosters and only 11 players can play, with actual squads only announced about an hour before the game.

Cricket Betting at BWIN

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This means that a lot of guessing has to take place, but also that the bookies have a lot more space to make mistakes in setting their prices, overvaluing or undervaluing team’s chances of winning in many cases. Our pundits use their knowledge of the sport and the teams in combination with some intuition to try and understand what kind of a squad they may see on the pitch.

Analysis of past team results, head to head scores and individual player quality all come into play, but it is very important to try and understand how specific teams select squads for games as this will be crucial in estimating a team’s quality and chances of winning a game.

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What to Look for in Cricket Betting

Betting on cricket can be quite fun, whether you are looking to bet on T20 or other longer formats of the game. T20 has become the most popular and the most widespread format, especially with the bookmakers, as most of the best sports betting sites include plenty of T20 matches in their schedule.

The question, of course, is how to find good value bets in cricket. The number of factors that come into play in cricket is often greater than that in other sports like soccer or American sports, which you may notice if you read out baseball betting tips. Our experts bring you their list of the top criteria they take into consideration when preparing their cricket betting tips:

  1. Home and Away Pitch: While it certainly does not play as big of a factor as it does in sports like soccer, home pitch advantage does come into play, as you can tell if you analyze popular competitions like IPL, where home teams tend to average a higher number of runs per over than away teams.
  2. The Weather: There is no other sport where the weather has as much influence over the game as it does in cricket. Poor weather will cause the match to be abandoned and rain or dew will influence the bowlers, especially curve ball specialists very negatively. Trying to forecast the weather before placing any bets can be crucial in determining the value of the odds offered.
  3. The In-Play Odds: The fast paced structure of the T20 matches can really cause a lot of swings in the live betting odds. A couple of quick sixes can turn the tide of the match completely and flip the odds upside down in no time. This is why it is important to keep an eye on the in-play odds and can be very beneficial to actually watch the games and try to get value out of the in-play betting prices.

Cricket Betting Tips & Tricks

Our team of cricket betting experts is keen to help you make the best of your cricket bets which is why we will always have up to date and high quality betting tips to share with you. However, we want to help you in any way possible, so here are a few more tips on how you can make the best of your cricket betting and increase your chances of winning some cash.

Cricket Betting at BetVictor

Look around for best cricket betting prices at betting sites like BetVictor

  • Shop for Prices: It may go without saying, but we always reiterate who important it is to always bet at the best odds available. Look around all the betting sites in Nigeria when choosing the bookie to place your next bet with and always bet where the price is the highest.
  • Use the Free Bets: Free bets and betting bonuses can increase your long term winnings drastically. Always bet with the bookmakers who provide free bets and bonuses and maximize your winnings wherever you can.
  • Bet Live: Live cricket betting probably gives you the best chances of making money. The fast paced structure of the T20 format and the ever changing odds leave the bookie more exposed and provide ample opportunity for value bets.
  • Use Our Tips: Our cricket betting tips are a great way to get up to speed with what’s going on in the cricket world and potentially win money simply by copying our suggested bets. Don’t be shy about placing bets on our tips as our experts know what they are doing.
  • Study the Game: Studying different teams and competitions will make you a better punter in the long term and will help you make better bets. Watch games, analyze statistics and use the online resources available to increase your cricket knowledge.

Conclusion: Start Making Money on T20 Betting

T20 is quickly turning into one of the most popular forms of sport in the world and T20 betting gives plenty of opportunity to make great value bets. Follow our cricket betting tips and if you are new to cricket betting, be sure to try and learn the most you can out of them. If you are looking for even more action, check out our English Premier League Betting Tips and CS: GO Betting Tips for great value bet opportunities.

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