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Baseball Betting Tips, Previews and Predictions

While it may not be popular in the rest of the world, baseball is one of the most popular sports in the USA. The MLB season comes with over 2.400 games a year, making it a great sport for the sports bettors out there and an integral part of the betting offer at many of the best sports betting sites out there.

Current Baseball Betting Tips

Whether you are new to baseball or a loyal fan of the sport, our baseball betting tips are bound to help you out and make you a better baseball bettor. The table below contains out latest baseball tips for the upcoming matches of the MLB:

Our baseball betting tips are created by a team of dedicated sports bettors and baseball enthusiasts who find the sport of baseball to be one of the most fascinating and most profitable in the world of sports today. This is why out baseball tips come right alongside our soccer betting tips and cricket betting tips in popularity.

Analyzing Baseball Teams

The key to making profitable bets is to understand the sport you are betting on. It is important to note that baseball is a moneyline sport, meaning that betting on underdogs or the favorites can both work, if done properly, just like they sometimes do in our English Premier League betting tips. Some simple analysis shows that after paying the juice, neither betting the favorites nor the underdogs blindly would get us anywhere near breaking even.

Baseball Betting Tips

Deep understanding of the game of baseball will make you a better sports bettor

This is why our team goes into much more detail in every match of the MLB than just who the favorites are. While most people prefer to bet on the winners and the teams who are expected to win, our experts usually find more value in betting the underdogs. In our analysis of the baseball teams, we go into things like:

  • Recent Win and Loss Streaks
  • Long Away Trips
  • Head to Head Stats
  • Home Crowd Intensity
  • Overall Form

All of these elements combine to tell us how a team may do in an upcoming match. Our baseball tipsters try to anticipate upcoming upsets by finding those teams that are in good form, whose home crowd may help carry them to an upset or who are desperately looking for a win and will do whatever it takes. Our long terms results have shown that betting on underdogs can result in more profits, despite losing over 50% of the bets made.

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What to Look for in Baseball Bets

Baseball is a specific sport, with the vast majority of all betting happening in the MLB matches. Fortunately for us, there are plenty of those on the schedule every season, so we can make plenty of bets and there is no reason to rush into anything. Here are a few basic strategies and hints that our team uses when deciding on the next baseball bet to make:

  • Mind the Moneyline: Betting on the favorites to win it is easy, but also not very profitable at all. Since baseball betting is all about those moneylines, remember that betting the big teams like the Yankees at poor odds on a regular basis will not make you any profits.
  • Back the Underdog: There are many times when betting the underdogs in baseball is a good idea. For instance, a team returning home after a long away stretch may do better than you would expect them to, a team playing a major game against a division rival will usually do better than in a random league game etc.
  • Be Patient: Perhaps more important than any other factor when it comes to baseball betting is to remain patient. The MLB season is very long and there is no reason to throw out bets like crazy. Be patient and wait until real value bets catch your eye. Only act when the bet is surely good value. When it comes to baseball and tennis betting tips, there are enough matches going on that there is really no reason to hurry.
  • Try the Runline: Runline betting is another potential market that many people are profiting from. While it is less common than moneyline betting, runline betting can prove quite profitable if you can choose the right teams in the right circumstances.
Baseball Betting Tips

Bet on MLB at William Hill and other major sportsbooks

Overall speaking, we suggest that you take your precious time and usually look for underdogs who are likely to come up with a win instead of bet on favorites. While neither is easy to predict, our experts agree that there is usually more value in the prices offered on the underdog than that offered on the favorites.

Make the Best of our Baseball Tips

Our baseball betting tips are here to help you make better bets in every MLB match you choose to bet on. Here are a few tips on how you can make the most out of MLB betting, with some help from our betting tips and some other basic strategies:

  1. Find the Best Prices: Finding the best price for every MLB game you intend to bet is crucial. While not all betting sites in Nigeria offer baseball betting, you should still shop around and look for the best price whenever possible.
  2. Use the Bonuses: Using bonuses and promotions like reduced juice for MLB matches can be the difference between losing and winning in the long run. Make sure you always use up any promotion that is available and look for the highest overall return on every investment you make.
  3. Follow our Tips: If you are not an expert in baseball betting yourself but like watching the game of just want to expand your betting portfolio, feel free to copy our bets. We can’t guarantee how much you will win, but our expert team has had a great track record so far and we certainly expect it to keep going.

Conclusion: Make Your Own Home Run

Baseball is an American sport in essence, but this does not mean we should not put a few bets on it here and there. In fact, baseball has always been one of the most popular sports with the bookies and many professionals are making a steady profit by betting on it. Why not join their ranks and start making some money yourself with the help of our expert baseball betting tips?!

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