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Tennis Live Betting Strategies: White Sport on the Go

Tennis is the single most popular individual sport on the planet. With no chance of matches ending in a draw and plenty of side betting markets available, tennis has become extraordinarily popular among sports bettors. With the introduction of live betting sites in Nigeria we can now also bet on tennis matches in-play. Learn more about the strategies behind in-play tennis betting on this page.

Most important facts:

  • Tennis is a fast paced game
  • Sets and games make great betting material
  • Look for value in the betting odds
  • Keep an eye on players’ behavior
  • Patience is a virtue

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How to Bet on Live Tennis Matches

Tennis is a very popular sport with many variables, which make it ideal for in-play betting. This is the reason that much of the live betting offer at many of the world’s best sports betting sites comes down to tennis matches.

If you take a look at a live betting schedule at a popular site like Bet365, you will notice that there are many tennis matches on the schedule all the time. This is partially due to there always being tennis tournament thrown somewhere on the planet and partially because sports bettors absolutely love to bet on tennis.

Ladbrokes tennis live betting

Bet on live tennis matches at Ladbrokes

We bring you five special tips that include overall strategies and specific sports betting strategies that are applicable to tennis live betting. Follow these tips and we guarantee that your success rate in tennis live betting will increase.

1. Pre-Match Analysis

When you are getting ready to sit down and watch a live tennis match with the intention of betting on it in-play, make sure you do your homework before the match. There are many things you can look at that will improve your understanding of the match flow. These include:

  • Head to Head Stats
  • Surface Performances
  • Recent Results
  • Potential Injuries and Issues

If you go into a match prepared with this kind of info, you will be more likely to see a value bet when one presents itself. The bookies mostly only look at the stats when determining odds, but there are things you can see on the field that cannot be quantified. Being ready to recognize these things is crucial to success.

Tennis live betting strategies

Prepare for the next tennis match by analyzing the tournament, the pitch and the players

For instance, since tennis is definitely a game of momentum, there are some players who tend to make use of momentum a lot better than others. As such, seeing a player catch momentum in a big way can help you determine if he is about to win a break or win a set 6-0 or 6-1, smashing his opponent.

2. Behavior and Player Specifics

Once more, it will be crucial for you to do your homework in preparation for the match in order to use this one. It involves understanding how different players act under pressure, how nervous they get and how their nerves influence their actual performance.

There are many players in the top 100 of the ATP list who play great while winning but start making lots of unforced errors the moment a ref’s decision goes against them or they miss a sitter. These things take the bookies plenty of time to take note of and watching the game live might help you predict a game or set winner before the odds change in any significant way.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Bankroll

Like in any form of betting, keeping a healthy bankroll to back up your bets is more than important. You will need to have many times your initial stake available to you and the higher betting odds you tend to shoot for, the more money you will need to have at your disposal.

Live betting can be more volatile than pre-match betting or many other forms of gambling and investing, which is why we highly recommend having lots of money behind and never investing too much of your bankroll on a single bet, no matter how much value you see in it.

4. Bet on First Set Losers

To tackle a very specific strategy that many professional tennis bettors use, we will mention the strategy on betting on the guy who lost the first set. Before the match, odds are set with the information that is available. Oftentimes there will be a heavy favorite, while in other cases the players will be relatively evenly matches.

Once the first set is done, one player will be up by 1-0. At this time, the odds will drastically change, as this player now only needs to win one of the remaining two sets and is a favorite to win in most cases. However, if the other player is in fact a much better player, he is still in with a very good chance to win the match by the end. The bookies do know this and reflect it in their odds, but these odds still sometimes leave some value to be had by adding these selections to your betting slip.

Another time when betting on the loser of the first set is a good idea is when the players are evenly matched and one of them wins the first set in tie-break. Since the players are relatively even, the odds will change quite a bit, making the winner of first set a clear favorite. In these cases, the odds will often give plenty of value to bet on the other player to come back, and if you know him to be a mentally stable player who knows how to fight back from a loss, this may be the right time to bet.

5. The Risky Progressive Patterns

This type of live betting is definitely not something that betting experts would recommend or that has anything to do with tennis, but it is a quick way to build up a small bankroll. If you have limited funds and want to build them up, trying to make progressive bets on the winner of the next point may help you do that.

The most common system used is the Martingale System, which entails doubling your bet every time you lose and moving back down to the initial bet when you win. The assumption is that the players will both win points and you will always win money when your player finally does win one. All you have to do is double your bet each time.

While this is far from the best of betting tips and in the long run it may lead to you losing your bankroll in a really bad streak, in most cases you will end up building a bit of a bankroll that you can use to start making more prudent bets.

Conclusion: Game, Set, Match

More betting sites in Nigeria are adding a live betting section every month and it is about time to capitalize on this. Start betting on live tennis matches now, use our strategies and tips and begin building your betting bankroll from the scratch as you learn the intricacies of one of the most luxurious sports on the planet. Become a tennis betting master, crush the live markets and with our help gain all the knowledge you could ever need to win great amounts of money by betting on tennis.

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