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Sports Betting Strategies: Learn to Bet Like the Pros

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While many people may look at sports betting as just gambling, the truth is that there are many ways you can change your luck and become a winner at sports betting. Our sports betting strategies pages are here to help you do just that. Keep reading and find out how you can become a winner at the best sports betting sites in the industry.

Most important facts:

  • Understand the betting odds and betting slips
  • Analyze sports matches for better results
  • Shop around for the best prices
  • Choose your own sports and markets
  • Use sports betting systems

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5 Tips to Becoming a Better Sports Bettor

Before you can start crushing the bookies, you will need to understand all the crucial aspects of sports betting as well as some slightly more advanced strategies that can be applied in order to increase your edge. Here are our top 5 tips on what you should be doing to beat the bookies.

Sports betting strategies

Take the time to develop your sports betting strategies

1. Understand the Odds

Betting odds determine how much you will win if your bet lands. As such, they are an absolutely crucial element of sports betting and without having a good understanding on what betting odds represent; you will never be a good sports bettor. In order to get a full grasp on the betting odds, read our complete guide.

It is extremely important to remember that the betting odds are a representation of the bookmaker’s opinion on the likelihood of the bet landing. The higher the odds, the lower the  bookie thinks the chance is for a bet to be a winner.

Sports betting is all about finding value in the betting odds offered by the bookmaker you are betting with. If you are fairly likely that an event is more than 50% to happen, betting on any odds over 2.00 will always be profitable, no matter the outcome of that particular bet. Remember, sports betting is all about value and the long run.

2. Sports Betting Analysis

Bookmakers come up with their odds mostly based on statistical analysis. Before they put up the odds, they will have their advanced software crunch the statistics for the competing teams and decide how likely each is to win, what winning margin is likely etc. Based on this analysis, the bookies make their odds for each game.

In a similar way, we as bettors need to analyze the games for ourselves. While we do not have access to all the same software and tools that the bookies use, we do have our own sports expertise and experience mixed with hard work and time investment. We can dedicate hours to analyzing a single match before coming up with a bet, which is what our tipsters regularly do while creating the betting tips that are shared on this site.

Sports betting analysis includes analyzing different aspects of a game including:

  • Past Encounters
  • Current Form
  • Injuries, Reinforcements, Roster Changes
  • Importance of the Game
  • Importance of the Competition etc.

Once you have analyzed all of these, you should be able to understand how likely different outcomes are. For instance, you may notice that two very defensive sides are playing each other, yet the bookies are offering decent odds on over 2.5 goals in a soccer match etc.

The important thing is to only bet when you believe a bet is more likely to land than the bookmaker would have us believe based on the odds offered.

3. Shopping Around

Fortunately, there are many betting sites in Nigeria nowadays and we are not forced to always bet in one place. Before you place any bet with any bookmaker, you should always look around for the best price possible.

There are many ways to find the best price available. One way is to simply visit the sites of different bookmakers, while another is to have a quick glance at our sports betting odds comparison, where you will easily find all the prices in one place. However, be mindful that the prices change often and looking around different bookmaker’s sites may end up with you finding higher odds than anyplace else.

4. Choosing Sports and Markets to Bet

Don’t be one of those people who will bet on anything just to make a bet. Remember that there are hundreds of different options you could put on your betting slip, so feel free to look around for sports and markets that you actually prefer and understand.

William Hill Sports Betting Markets

Choose among dozens of betting markets at William Hill

It is important to remember that no one is an expert in all sports and not all betting markets can be profitable. This is why you should always look for the most profitable bets in the sports and competitions you know a lot about, do extensive analysis of the matches you want to bet on and only place your bets when you find value.

5. Live Sports Betting

With a rise of live betting sites in Nigeria, in-play betting has become extremely popular. While live betting is just fun for most punters out there, it can actually also be extremely profitable if approached in the right way.

Live sports betting allows bettors to get a better idea of how a match is going by actually watching the game and potentially recognizing patterns that are not visible in the pre-match analysis. There are many times when a goal is floating in the air or it is clear that one side is more likely to win than the pre-match odds would have you believe.

These are things that you can see by watching the games and there are actually many ways to exploit the live betting markets. Make sure to check out our soccer live betting strategies page to find out even more about how you can beat bookies at live betting.

Conclusion: Start Betting with Style

Sports betting is all about maths, strategy and analysis, unlike what many people believe. If you are doing it right, sports betting is not gambling at all and it can be a lucrative source of income, as it is for hundreds of professional sports bettors. Make use of our betting tips and strategies to become a better sports bettor and start crushing the bookies! Become a part of our sports betting community and never miss a profitable bet again and learn how true sports betting experts make their living.

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