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Sports Betting Explained: The 7 Crucial Sports Betting Concepts

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling on the planet today, spanning all continents and cultures. From horse racing betting in UK to NFL betting in the USA, there isn’t a place in the world where people are not betting on sports. With a rise of betting sites in Nigeria, the country is quickly becoming another one of the world’s prime sports betting markets in recent years.

If you are new to sports betting, we suggest you read through this short guide in which we have the sports betting explained through a number of crucial concepts. Learn how to bet, what to look for and what key things you need to remember while betting on sports as well as what the best places are to bet online in Nigeria.

Most important facts:

  • The most popular form of gambling
  • Beat the bookies with skill and knowledge
  • Analyse sports matches for better results
  • Basic sports betting strategies explained
  • Responsible and safe gambling concepts

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7 Basic Sports Betting Concepts to Remember

Pretty much everyone out there knows how sports betting works on a most basic level, but there are still things to remember and understand and if you are new to sports betting altogether, there are a number of concepts you will need to learn and keep in mind if you are going to successfuly bet on sports. We bring you our choice of what we believe to be the most important concepts you must know if you are going to start betting on sports.

Sports Betting at BetVictor

Bet on sports at BetVictor and other major sports betting sites

1. Sports and Markets

Sports betting is a wide concept that includes lots of things. From betting on who will win the FIFA World Cup to betting on how many kills a CS: GO team will make in a match, the concept of sports betting continues to expand all the time. It is important to understand that your options when betting at some of the best sports betting sites out there are nearly countless, with dozens of sports and hundreds of betting markets always avaialbe. Whatever sport you are a fan of, you can probably bet on it at one of the bookies we are recommending you bet with.

2. The Betting Odds

 Betting odds are a crucial concept to understand when betting on sports, which is why we created a completely separate guide with betting odds explained to the slightest detail. Learn how you can calculate your winnings, what the odds represent and the basic formats in which they appear in the online sports betting sites before you place any bets.

3. Betting for Value

 Most people bet on sports by trying to guess the outcome of a certain match or game. However, this is a completely wrong approach that does not make any sense, as no one can see the future and we all know that surprises are a very common thing in sports. Instead, we suggest you bet for value, meaning you try to find holes in the betting odds set by the bookies and bet on those selections where your expectations of something to happen are high. You don’t need to be right every time to win at sports betting, you just need to beat the bookies‘ odds.

4. Singles v Multiples

 There are two basic ways of betting on sports. You can either bet a single selection per betting slip, or you can bet on multiple selections on one slip. When betting multiple selections, the odds will multiply, but the chances of failure will also increase. Be careful when choosing which type of betting you prefer to use as this can be a crucial decision. Most professional gamblers opt for singles as they can capitalize on mistakes in odds set by the bookies each and every time this way.

5. Live Sports Betting v Pre-Game Betting

 Pre-game betting used to be the only way to bet on sports, but as the technology has evolved, live sports betting became a thing. As more and more live betting sites in Nigeria have been appearing, there are now many places to bet on sports matches in real time. The advantage of live betting is that users can make use of watching a game and seeing how things are developing in real time. Keep in mind that live betting can also be dangerous at times, as it is easy to get carried away and start placing too many bets that have no value, but as long as you keep a clear head, live betting can be quite profitable.

6. Sports Betting Tips

 Sports betting tips are a relatively new concept and we are proud to say that we can offer some of the best betting tips in the industry. Keep track of our soccer betting tips on a regular basis and get the best match analysis and betting predictions available from our team of betting experts who have their eyes on the prize at all times. If there is a bet to be made for good value, you can be sure our guys will spot it and let you know.

7. Responsible Gambling

 While sports betting can be done in a very professional way, it is important to always remember that there is some risk involved. This means you will want to keep a clear head and always remember that you are risking real money with every bet you make. Make sure you bet what you can afford and never get carried away and bet the money you don’t have or can’t spare. Also, remember to only bet with safe and reputable bookmakers who will take care of your safety and security at all times.

Sports Betting Explained

Keep a cool head and gamble for fun

Conclusion: Start Your Sports Betting Journey

 Sports betting is an exciting hobby that can actually make you some money if you learn to do it right. Use our sports betting strategies, our betting tips and all the advice you can find on our site to kick start your sports betting career today. Sign up with some of the best bookmakers in Nigeria and you will be ready to make your mark and turn your sports knowledge into cold hard cash.

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