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Soccer Live Betting Strategies: Bet Soccer Games as They Go

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and betting sites in Nigeria often focus more on soccer betting than any other sport. In fact, when it comes to live betting, soccer is often the only thing on offer. This is why learning to make smart live soccer bets is a great way to start winning at sports betting in general.

Most important facts:

  • Hundreds of soccer matches every day
  • Patience is the key to success
  • Find value in the odds offered
  • Always watch the game you are betting
  • Use insider knowledge and intuition

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5 Steps to Placing a Profitable Soccer Live Bet

Soccer is a very dynamic game, but one where not too many goals get scored per game. In most cases, two or three goals will be scored per game, with the rest of the game coming down to waiting for the goals to come. Predicting who will win and by what margin before the match can be extremely difficult, especially if the odds are actually worth taking.

Soccer Live Betting

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This is why live betting on soccer games can be really profitable. Unlike in the pre-match betting, in-play betting at the best sports betting sites allows you to use actual in game information to make your bets, which makes you more informed on how the game is actually flowing and which way it may go in the end.

If you want to be a good live soccer bettor, here are the five steps you should learn to follow:

1. Pick Your Games

In live betting, it is extremely important to actually be watching the game that you are betting on. For this reason, you will want to be very careful about choosing which games to watch and bet on. You should always look for dynamic matches where lots of action is expected, as this will make it easier for you to catch a bet worth taking while the match is going.

It would also be smart to pick a game where teams are playing that you are familiar with. This way, you will know exactly what strategy they usually apply, in what way the rosters that are on the pitch will impact the game and all sort of other useful information. Our soccer betting tips can be quite helpful when you are choosing the right games to bet on.

2. Ease Into the Game

The first part of a game should be all about watching and getting a general feel for it. During the first 10 to 15 minutes of the match, you want to scope out how the teams are coming out, who is applying the pressure and how it is reflecting on the game overall.

Once you have a good idea of how the game is flowing, you should take a look at the odds at some of the live betting sites in Nigeria and consider what bets may be worth taking. The markets you will especially want to be mindful of include the Asian Handicap and the Over/Under markets, as these are the markets where most value can be had.

It is important to remember while coming up with your sports betting strategies for live betting that early pressure does not mean a team will maintain the tempo throughout and that things do tend to turn around at half time. This is why the first minutes of the game are not a good time to bet live, and you should be waiting for the right moment.

3. Patience Is King

In live betting, patience definitely rules over all other traits a sports bettor can have. Professional punters will tell you that during most soccer games, a live bet will come up that is worth taking. However, not everyone takes that bet at just the right time, and so many bettors don’t get the best odds, while others simply take the wrong bet.

Bwin Soccer Live Betting

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The key to soccer live betting is to wait until the moment is just right and knowing when this is takes lots of experience and a keen perception of the game of soccer. A good example of when to place your bet would be a game with high tempo and lots of chances where no goals have been scored in the first 40 minutes and the first half is about to finish. A bet on over 1.5 goals will often be priced pretty good, while the probability of it landing in such a high tempo game is often very high, or at least high enough to make the bet profitable.

4. Keep Watching

There are multiple reasons to keep watching a soccer match even once you have placed a bet or two. For starters, another good value bet may turn up and you will want to seize the opportunity. Furthermore, you will also want to keep watching to learn more and see if your reasoning was right or not.

Through watching live matches to the end, you learn a lot about how teams play in late stages, whether the betting odds you took were good enough and all sorts of other useful intelligence that will help you with your future bets and keep you fresh and in the know on the world of soccer.

5. Keep Your Chin Up

Sports betting, including live betting, can be heartbreaking. Since we are always looking for value and only betting in hopes of winning in the long run, short run losses should not concern us too much. However, it is very easy to fall under the impression that your bets are not worth anything during those long losing stretches, which do happen.

Like in any form of investment or games like poker, losing periods are normal and evened out by the winning ones. When you run into multiple losing bets in a row, it is important to keep a clear head and keep the eyes on the prize, believe in your strategy and keep betting according to what you know is the right approach.

Conclusion: Make a Living at Live Betting

Live betting offers many advantages over pre-match betting and most professional bettors make it their primary source of income. If you are also interested in increasing your sports betting profits and you love the game of soccer, follow our live soccer betting tips and start your own journey of in-play soccer betting with our help.

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